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The Given

How does one live in such a world of fate.
In this world we live where things are never meant to even be great.

There is something in this world that steals from your very being.
It makes it so that you feel as if you don’t have any meaning.

Always pulling and dragging you back into a place so dark.
As if ripping and tearing out of you, every part.

Taking from you everything that means so much.
Leaving nothing in you as if it seems it’s supposed to be as such.

Have you ever felt as if you never get that seems deserving.
Never having what it is that you’re conserving?

In need of it, as if its life itself.
Seeming that it’s always here as a burden on oneself.

Always feeling that you give and give and you never receive.
When it can be so simple, so small, or even great, that all you can do is just believe.

As if you’re the other side of a coin to everyone around you.
All that there is, is given and when you’re about to.

Taking and stealing from you that are so dear.
Making it as if all you want to do is just to disappear.

Ever feel that you can’t take no more?
That this giving that you cherished is nothing but a chore.

Like a disease it lives off of you and living in this world too.
It’s making you think it’s the only thing in this life you’re aloud to do.

What you thought at first in your life was such a gift.
Is nothing more now, than something apart of you, and yet seems to be adrift.

It’s holding on to you, keeping you from being free to have all that’s right.
In the end makes you feel nothing more, but just want to fight.

Nothing but fear, anger, and desperation, swelled all together with loss, through your inside and out.
Simply put, down to your very core, you’re filled with something and all it is; is just called doubt.

You see yourself on the outside looking in.
Wanting what all those others have or even been.

You find that it’s always theirs and not yours.
That it seems the people that get through this world are just simply whores.

Doing what they do, because they want it.
In the end it’s only theirs, so they can flaunt it.

Core meaning is gone and as if it’s their life is just to destroy.
They live their lives out as if its just one big ploy.

Confusion is everything they have around them again and again.
Wishing that they could see what’s happened here, now, and back when.

Knowing that what they do here on this world is so wrong.
But they’ll never learn, until the end, when life is gone.

Even after knowing that what it is I do for them in my life.
Always ends with me thinking of nothing more, than the shine, and edge of a cold steel knife.

Wondering of what they’d do if I didn’t care no more.
Not giving like I always do, for them, as before.

Seeing and believing that what was once abused.
It’s nothing more but dead, gone, and subdued.

Something that sounds right and yet so wrong.
How will I know what’s right if it’s gone?

This thing that haunts, in this life, will be with me all day and night.
No matter how much hate and love this thing has, is that I believe its right.

We’ll see how they are when they ask me to give one too many more.
And they take out what’s left inside, what remains in my core.

When you look at my inner self to see what it could once hold.
You’ll see nothing but ashes of what is now old.

Nothing but remains of what happiness I gave to those when I tried
Even when they weren’t looking, when I needed, I cried.

As much as it kills me to continue this game of life and above.
That the only thing that I cant seem to get, but give, is my love.

Giving and loving will be something that will be with me to the day that I die.
But I pray and hope that someone will give, to the given, when they cry out, ‘why?’…
Never neglect those in your life that you know are simple nice people. those people that give when they can or even when they cant, but still do.

If you never even thought of those that are like that in your life. letting them know how you appreciate how they are is a good thing to hear from those that are like that. It's a hard job to do. We very much feel neglected. not only because of what we do. but for also what we never receive.

give and give and never get. quite sad really.

been dealing with allot of things in my life lately and decided I needed to be artistic about it. and so here ya go.


Been awhile since I've written something like this.
I've always had a personal liking toward couplets if I say so myself.

Was quite nice to do so really.

be nice. been a LONG time. lol

let me know what you think. :)
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ShadowMKII Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the message that you are sending there, especially in tandem with your references to the "core" and such. The couplets work very nicely for this piece by the way, if you do not mind my critique there! Good sense of power in this one, and really good for someone who has not written something like this in a long time! ^-^
vissroid Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
:) thanx
ShadowMKII Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not a problem!
rabidmongoose Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
Deep grabbing intense and immersive...and honest. Unc.
vissroid Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
thanx unc.

and you sig is so true. :)
ThornAngel Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww thats so sweet. :love: +fav
Jannette92 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
wauw, that;s really good. It's a great poem, and I recognize a bit of myself in it :) keep up the good work:)
vissroid Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007
JN86 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007
Normally i don't spend my time reading anything on dA, but this time i made an exeption. This poem caught my attention from the beggining, cause i often think that way, but somewhere in the middle i lost myself, mostly because of my english and the fact that i'm kind of tired in these days.
Over all, i think is a great poem and it makes you wonder about many things.

vissroid Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007
thanx. glad that you made an exception. :D
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